Monday, March 19, 2012

Broad Street

Back in 2008 I did a project which aimed to look at the context of artist led spaces in two cities: AirSpace in Stoke-on-Trent and Window 204 in Bristol. I had the use of both art spaces windows at the same time, so decided to undertake an investigation to consult the public on their opinions of the two spaces. I recorded the process and consultation activities from the two spaces, and displayed the results of the Stoke activity in Bristol and vice versa.  See the results here.

I also created long photographs of the two places, showing the context of the buildings on their streets.
I thought it would be good, as part of the Stocktake process underway at AiSpace Gallery to see what has changed on Broad Street since 2008, and so have created an updated version of the long photograph now (see above to compare.)
Changes since 2008 include:

  • a few tiles have fallen from the Francesco group frontage
  • Unique tiles and flooring have opened
  • Moon & Co Solicitors building are now to let
  • Mercer Jones have new signage
  • Toad in car hi fi have closed and the building is now to let
  • Monzil Tandoori have painted their frontage from green to blue (I think the green was nicer)
  • The Blue Wing Grill has closed and Monzil have extended
  • Ahyan fast food is now Ibrahim Barber Shop
  • S.B. Pedley Barbers have painted their frontage from red to blue
  • Express Claim Care (Accident management) have become a second hand computer shop and the business above (Express Graphic design and Prestige Car Hire) have closed
  • The Mitchell Memorial Theatre has had a massive refurb - and now has an impressive Spitfire Wing projection, and a cafe.
  • The ABC cinema which was partially demolished in 2008 is completely gone, and is now the entrance to TESCO. There is now a large patch of waste ground between The Mitchell and the solicitors.
  • Woolliscrofts Solicitors have not changed
  • AirSpace signage now reads AirSpace Gallery rather than just AirSpace
  • Swinton Solicitors now have scaffolding up