Friday, July 11, 2008

Residency at HMS gets Underway.

This week has been my first week at Harrington Mill Studios, Long Eaton, where I am carrying out the curatorial project WLTM.
So far 68 people have requested application packs, but only 20 have returned the application materials. I am not actually worried about that though - as most of the submissions are of a very high quality, and as I have been working out today; if I had 10 applicants it would mean 45 possible combinations of pairs of artists - so with 20 applicants there are actually 190 possible combinations of pairings of artists - and each of these 190 possible combinations have to be processed in order to generate a percentage mark of how well each pair fits together. This could potentially take a lot of time.
Harrington Mills is a great space - the standing room, where I am carrying out my residency is light and airy. The studio artists that I have met so far have all been very welcoming and interested - so looking forward to a productive couple of months.
Part of the excitement for me is the fact that i will be trying out a new area of practice; creating the character THE DIRECTOR [of the dating agency] over the two months. So far I know that THE DIRECTOR wears Maybelline Water Shine Nail varnish in Flamboyant coral. The ritual which I have set up on arrival each day at HMS is to take off the nail varnish from the day before and reapply a fresh coat. This gets me ready to carry out my duties as THE DIRECTOR.
To follow my progress during the residency go to the WLTM Blog.

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