Saturday, August 2, 2008


I am working on the turn your house into an art space DIY Publication for the Preston Pest supported by Castlefield Gallery this weekend - making a DIY manual.
My idea is that anyone can run a gallery from home - artists don't have to wait for Gallery/museum sponsorship or recognition. We can really Do It Ourselves!
The publication is part of a series of 3 which explore non-traditional spaces for art; and is the result of a research project which the Preston Pests have initiated as a result of the Visual arts festival 'Prestival' which they organised in Preston. They became aware of the fascinating and innovative projects which artists are engaged with worldwide; and have been across the country and beyond (Trips to France and Canada amongst other places) to speak to artists about the exciting work they are doing. The publications are a culmination of that research and present artists working in three specific contexts: Domestic Spaces (which is the one which I have been commissioned to create this DIY project for), Museums and Archives and Social Spaces. For each publication an artist has been commissioned to create a new piece of work; and a writer has been commissioned to write a piece on the particular context.
Click Here for link to the Pest Publications website for more info.
I am currently turning my fridge into a gallery.
Click on the image above to see the miniature viewers visiting the gallery.


David Bethell said...

Do you want an airspace fridge magnet. to go in or on your Gallery?

Anna Francis said...

Yes please. x

Little Onion said...
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Little Onion said...

Your encouragement to artists and others who want to support artists to set up their own gallery spaces at home and other places is welcome. Any space can become 'gallery' or 'ehibition space' if we want it to be and many come with built in exhibits. Here's part of a Derby building site that became 'gallery' whilst still being itself for a while - with visitors book and gallery invigilator too:

Hope the little people at the fridge exhibition got wrapped up warm against the cold.

Good luck with WLTM too.

Anna Francis said...

Thanks Little Onion,
That's a really great piece of work.

Also cheers for the good will for WLTM - hope to see you there!