Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Progressive Transformations

Back in May I left a clue on this blog (CLICK HERE). It mentioned the fact that a mystery object had arrived at my house. I can now reveal that the Mystery Object was part of the Progressive Transformation project, curated by Moira Third and Lois Carson. The basic premise of the project is like Chinese Whispers for artists. One artist makes an art object and then anonymously sends their artwork on to the next person; who makes a transcription of the original object, before sending their new piece on to the next person. Altogether there were 22 artists in the chain, and therefore one original object, and 19 transcriptions. I received a heavily coded video, which showed a typewriter and a story being typed out. The clues lead me to develop the character 'Jenny the Wren' who was looking for a man - other clues lead Jenny to the Job centre...I posted her details on a dating website, for the next person to discover.
The artworks and documentation of the process go on display in the Progressive Transformations exhibition, which opens on Saturday, 6th December at the Limousine Bull Project Space, Aberdeen.

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