Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Free to a Good Home

As mentioned in the previous blog, one of my exchanges at ANTIFREEZE was with an artist called Bryony Moore. Bryony's project - Free to a Good Home found the artist scouring the pages of GUMTREE looking for postings about pets, whose owners do not want them any more. The artist was interested in the trusting way the animals looked in the photographed, not knowing their sad fate. She then framed the photos for ANTIFREEZE in order to rehome these unlucky pets. During time of recession it is the weakest that suffer, and in particular the pets. Pets who trust their loving owners to look after them during good times and bad. It is sad. Anyway, one of these unlucky dogs has now been rehomed on my living room wall. Bryony has asked that each person at ANTIFREEZE who rehomed a pet send in the picture of the pet in situ in its new home, which she will put up on her blog. Click here to go to Bryony's blog.
Also on the wall is the small silver frame swapped with Celine (from her Hanley Boot Fair project) and underneath that one is Jane Austen's hair (in the small round frame) from the antiques stall at ANTIFREEZE.

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