Friday, September 25, 2009


This week artists Emma Leach and Natasha Vicars have been sending me written assignments briefs to fulfil, for their project Reportage at KUBE, Poole.
It has been quite exciting. The first one came through on Wednesday and said write a report on a Pool in Stoke. The second one the next day said 'through online research, report on current health concerns in Poole.' and the last one which came through today said 'Report on the resolution of something, include water in your report.'
The artists have set up a temporary newsdesk in the gallery, and have recruited keen reporters to write quick response articles on unusual topics. I like the notion of these things being quick and off the cuff, and I have relaly enjoyed having someone set me something to do, especially as Interrogation has been taking up a lot of time, and has involved me setting things for other artists to feels like a good balance to have someone set me some assignments in exchange.
I wrote about verrucas in shelton pool...patients drinking alcohol gel in hospitals in Poole...a dying man and his gas bill...and poor dead Gilbert the whale. I enjoyed it. Here is the PDF.
Echoes of A_all Pages

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