Thursday, August 26, 2010

Window Audit - Nearly done...

Been stitching the West Bromwich buildings together, and will then colour code them according to the business type, to see whether the assumptions made by various people that West Bromwich high street has only pound shops, charity shops, phone shops and empty shops, is really true...

So here above is the colour coded version, it is plain to see that there are only 2 empty shops (in yellow) quite a few pound/discount shops in green, pawn and betting shops in pink, and charity shops in blue.
The remaining shops which are left uncoloured are mainly chains like WHSmith, New Look etc.
I have just finished the text drawing - it seems much longer than the other one. Also for some reason the colour coding is really light - not sure why. There are a lot more empty shops on that side of the road - I think that is because of the market stands - you can't really see the shop frontages, which is a real problem on the Queens square side there are just two empty properties, but on the Kings Square side there are eight and a half.

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