Monday, September 3, 2012

TROVE: 3rd Birthday

I received a letter in the post at the end of last week from Trove.
It was a lovely handwritten letter, thanking me for my contributions to the Trove exhibitions and projects over the 3 years that they have been going, and asking me to send a birthday card, and perhaps a present for an exhibition they will be holding to celebrate the anniversary.

I have been involved in a few of Trove's projects: POST at Trove in 2010 Paris Correspondence School in 2011 and then the Allotments project at MAC 2011-12.
They have always been really enjoyable projects to get involved in, usually connect artists in innovative and enjoyable ways - and although there has never been any funding attached to these shows (in terms of being paid as an artist to be involved) neither has Charlie Levine the curator of Trove ever asked me to pay to be involved. I like what they do, and that is why I am happy to submit my work under those conditions.
Artist led activity like this is, I think, important for artist development, but also development of the arts in the West Midlands, I think Trove have been giving emerging artists great opportunities to exhibit over the 3 years that they have been running, and so in the studio today I thought I would make a birthday badge which sets out exactly what I think of Trove. So, Trove: YOU ARE GREAT.
I have ordered some badges to send to them, plus I have made a card. I wish Trove a very happy birthday, and many happy returns.

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