Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Adopt a Mobile Bird Hide

UPDATE: The Mobile Bird Hide will be going to Hulme Community Garden Centre, who will us it as a nature hub for carrying out a nature audit within a reclaimed car park. We hope lots of people will enjoy the ownderful bird hide.
ADOPT A MOBILE BIRD HIDE: We need to find a new home for the Birder's Paradise Mobile Bird Hide. It is a wonderful, converted caravan, now a mobile nature hub. Based on a traditional RSPB Bird Hide, there is space for a nature library, binoculars and other resources, and a little room, which can house a portaloo if necessary, but is also a good spy spot for watching the birds.
 We would ideally like the Hide to go to a project/organisation interested in nature, or a educational establishment who could use it as a resource, and can use it to tell people about the importance of supporting nature.
The Hide will be free to a good home, but we would like to know a few things: 1. who are you and your organisation/project? 2. where will you keep it? 3. who will use it (your organisation, and who with - participants)  and 4. how will it be used?
Please get in touch to express your interest ASAP by email to Anna Francis: - More info of the hide in action:
Do share with anyone you think will be interested.

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