Tuesday, May 19, 2009


The AirSpace Group Show - AFTERMATH opens tomorrow night at the Nicholson Institute in Leek.
I am quite looking forward to showing my new work - an investigation into the 1986 Garden Festival. This includes photographic works, decoupage, a collection of memorabilia, and a performance.
Here is a sneak preview and description of the work and the show:

Anna Francis work examines private histories, public space and civic languages; using forms of intervention, mapping and photography to investigate the impact of art and culture on the regeneration of cities. Aftermath sees the artist showing her investigations into the 1986 Garden Festival for the first time. Francis is interested in excavating the site as it is today, uncovering the physical remnants of the Festival, as well as probing the impact and legacy in other ways.

Memorabilia from the festival have been collected, as well as created. The investigations also find the artist seeking to variously repopulate the festival site with people and flowers.

DETAILS: 21st May – 31st May Nicholson Institute, Stockwell Street, Leek, Staffs 11am - 4pm
Opening reception 20th may 6pm -8pmAirSpace Gallery presents new works from artists Anna Francis, Andrew Branscombe, Bernard Charnley, Brian Holdcroft, David Bethell, Katie Shipley, Phil Rawle and Stuart Porter.

The exhibition explores a range of themes including urban regeneration, nature, and aspects of the human condition. The works are representative of the artist’s working at various stages of development; there is both explorative and resolved works on display. The exhibition therefore presents a developmental snapshot of contemporary art and artists living and working in Staffordshire.
Aftermath the show’s title suggests what is left over after an upheaval. The works presented here have come directly from or are influenced upheavals, social mental or physical, the work examines change and it’s results. The interim and explorative nature of some of the work also suggests the idea of a recent disturbance of the artist’s work, its processes and results.
All the artists are housed within the AirSpace Gallery’s studio collective, based in Stoke-on-Trent. The gallery is one of the most recent arts developments in North Staffordshire, and is committed to bringing to the area a diverse range of contemporary international art as well as providing a platform for the development of home grown talent and practices.
The inclusion in this year’s Leek Art Festival of these artists sees the group working collectively outside of their usual environment and also sees cutting edge contemporary work being shown in one of North Staffordshire’s architectural gems. The combination is sure to be one of contrasts, conflicts and intrigue.

I will post up installation shots and information on how it goes later.

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