Tuesday, May 26, 2009


I am included in ArtWash's Art Take-Out, which will take place from Tsang's Kitchen, 147 Iffley Rd. Oxford on 2nd June - 7-10pm. The basic premise of The Art Take-Out is: '

‘Customers’ can choose the work they want from the Take-Out Menu.

Works will be on view on the ArtWash website prior to the event.

Customers can then ‘acquire’ this work by fulfilling a pledge* determined by the artist.

The pledge will be the ‘currency’ for the evening.

The Artist will be under the heading they choose as in Starter, Main Dish or Desert.

The work*, however, must fit inside a tinfoil take-out container.'
Text above was taken from the ArtWash site I really like the premise of the show - and the idea of exchanging art for a pledge - also the idea of art being disseminated from a Chinese restaurant is fantastic. So, if you are in Oxford pop along to the take-away - I am on the starter menu.

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