Monday, March 29, 2010

Interrogation: Worcester

MADE presentation - Worcester the making of a modern city from Nathaniel Pitt on Vimeo.

Nat Pitt has been asked to give a talk at the MADE symposium ‘Worcester – Building a Modern City’ which takes place on Tuesday, 30th March 2010 (that's tomorrow!). As one of the original Interrogation agents, Agent Pitt made contact and invited us to come over and Interrogate the public art of Worcester. A contact point was established, and Agent Pitt, Agent Orange, Agent Winnett and I met up – the video piece above was the result of the days interrogation. We met at a really weird fake country play area for kids and families, where there is a piece of public art which is apparently a cattle run for humans. The plan was to respond to each piece; interrogate the work in some way - give it some attention, question it, find out what it means; try to make some sense. It was fast, true interrogation style in that way, we simply arrived at each site, and then decided who would do what. I believe in a quick and responsive mode of working, but do think that some planning time is also necessary. I wish I could go to the symposium tomorrow where the video piece will be shown, but I am off to interrogate Glasgow...

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