Sunday, March 7, 2010

Talking City Ezine

This month I am guest editor on the Longhouse website, and under this banner I have started 'Talking City' an Ezine which uses traditional magazine features to explore and investigate the artist's role in the post-industrial world. There will be a number of exciting features of the Ezine - including Ask Anna - an Agony Aunt page for public realm artists; an in conversation section where I talk to artists about their work, and a series of exciting com:missions; amongst other things. I am really excited, but a bit daunted about using a different web based package. Have got to grips with it a bit today anyway, and have already put out the call for the com:missions. Go to the Longhouse website & follow my progress this month.
One of the Ezine Pages is a Thought for the Day - each will be a quote, thought or observation around cities. I will also put them on here:

“…in city planning… you start with the people and have motor traffic and buildings as second priorities.”

- Jan Gehl, 2010

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