Monday, April 7, 2008

Take a Handful of Bulbs

The hole digging on the beach idea did not turn out as expected, but there is more than one type of hole. The beach monsters are the kind of hole that you dig and look inside, but other possible types of hole include; holes that you find things in, holes that are there for things to fall into, or holes that you put things in. The last type is the one to think about here.

On a cliffside walk, take with you a book for identifying thngs on the way (it is up to you what kind of book that is, you can decide this by the type of walk you are going on i.e. if it is a bird walk, then take a bird spotting book - and if it is a tree walk - then take a tree spotting book etc.) The walk that we are talking about here was a flower walk - so the necessary things to take included a flower spotting book, a flowery skirt (to blend in) and a handful of flower bulbs.

At some point on the walk, find an ideal spot for looking out to sea - this is where you should do your hole digging. Find a likely patch of ground, take your handful of bulbs, in this case a type of Amaryllidaceae, and look around for a suitable digging device - this time a piece of handy flint was employed.Use the tool to make a hole deep enough for planting bulbs. Then place your bulbs into the hole.
Cover the hole over again with the soil that you removed earlier.You can then use the handy flint, or other tool to mark the spot where your bulbs have been planted.
You may not be there to see the bulbs grow, but it is good to think that on the cifftop where you walked, in a couple of months time, some lovely white flowers will bloom.

If you don't like flowers you could always plant some turnips or onions.

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