Sunday, July 4, 2010

Common Ground Legacy

It is now a week since Common Ground, and we are still talking about it and thinking about it. We are in the process of collating the documentation and evaluation materials, and will be working on the publication soon. This is a very important part of the project, as this is where we will be setting out our vision for Hanley Park, which is to return to Thomas Mawson's original intentions for the park (as an arts and crafts park). We hope that through Common Ground we can set out the idea of the park as a sculpture park, much like an inner city Yorkshire Sculpture Park. The pavilion would make a wonderful gallery/visitor centre/cafe and the city's many sculptural assets (some of which are still in storage) could be displayed here. This would certainly create a fantastic gateway between the train station and the city centre - and this is what we will be showing through the publication.
The publication is not the only legacy that Common Ground has left. Katie and I were also keen to include a Geocache element for the project, so we got a tin and Katie collected an object from each artist. Then Katie found a good geocache hiding place in the park, and placed the Common Ground Geocache. Details of the coordinates and the clue were included on the map, but noone found the cache over the weekend (we checked.) The Cache went live on the Geocache website this week, and it has already been receiving visitors - who have been taking the objects and replacing them for other objects, as well as leaving their log in the little log book.
I hope the cache remains where it is for a while to come. Fancy going treasure hunting? Click here for our page on the Geocache site.

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