Monday, July 26, 2010

There is Beauty in the City - Spanish Exhibition

The little magnet has been making its way around the world, and I am so pleased with its progress. Since Glen Stoker became the project admin things have really taken an upward turn, and this month we see the project's first European Exhibition opening. These are the two latest images to be sent in, and are from Juan A. López Martín.They are taken in Gijon, Spain, which is great as that is where the show is taking place. See how the project is coming along here.
The exhibition will open on friday 30th july at the ezcurdia_30 gallery in Gijon and will be showing all of the images submitted to the project so far. As the project instgator I must say a massive thank you to Susana Lopez Fernandez who has, along with Glen organised the Spanish leg of the project. Susana came all the way to Stoke to meet Glen and make this happen, which shows a commitment and a belief in the project that I could not be happier to hear of.A really big Thank You to Susana and Glen for all of the work you have done to see this happening.

Susana has started a new project borne out of the many hours we spend in airports. Like "Beauty in the City" it is a collaborative project, inviting us to send our airport photos in. Next time I am at an airport I will make sure I take some photos to submit.
Have a look at Susana's project Last Call by clicking here.

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