Monday, July 26, 2010

SHOP project - Map of Independence

Back in June we went for the SHOP site visit, and all of the artists took part in the Independence mapping activity. It has taken me a bit of time to collate, as since then have been on a residency, project managed and exhibited in Common Ground, and applied for and got a permanent position as Lecturer in Fine Art at Staffordshire University...Phew! Anyway, today I have been collating the images and info that the artists gathered - and decided to keep it really visual, as it is going to be shown in the shop window two doors down from SHOP.
There are three window panels on that shop and on the left we will have this:
and in the middle we will have the largest part - the collated Map of Independence.
and on the right we will have this part - to let people know what it is.
Once it is ready and installed I will photograph how it looks and show it here.


PV said...

the map is great - love the way you've done the photos. look forward to seeing it in the window....

Anna Francis said...

Thanks Penny! Me too, and looking forward to interviewing the traders in more depth to uncover some interesting stories for the next stage of the project x