Thursday, March 20, 2008


This time last year, while on Sennen Beach in Cornwall with friends we created the beach monster, which became an exhibit on the online exhibition 'Delicate Situations' curated by Joe Schneider. This was a beautiful idea for an exhibition, inviting artists to make a temporary intervention in their town or city and described as follows:

"Delicate Situations lasted from 15th January 2007 until 15th January 2008. The one common factor to all the works in the exhibition is that they were left in a place (for as long as they lasted)
a sequence of delicate situations
showing ourselves
See the exhibition at

This year we return to the sea but this time to Devon, where we will respond to what is there - and create something new, as a group. Who knows what it will be? The results will be posted up after the intervention has taken place - watch this space...

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