Thursday, October 23, 2008


There is Beauty in the City goes global!
The people of Stoke-on-Trent and all those involved in the original Beauty project were so positive about the experience that I have decided to open the project up in order to see the Beauty in Cities worldwide. This was mainly due to hearing news that the magnets had made there way to other cities, as far flung as Italy! So I have set up a Facebook group that anyone can join, and sent out invites for people to request a magnet pack: by emailing with their address.
You can click on the magnet template above, and then print it off yourself: the original magnet is 3.5inches X 2 inches. So print one off and get sticking it in beauty spots in your city! Or if you want: email me for a magnet pack. Once you have placed your magnet/sign in situ, take a photograph of it and send it in to the 'there is beauty' email address. (jpeg - no bigger than 2mb) and I will upload it to the 'There is Beauty in the City' Blog.
The facebook group is now open: and called There is Beauty in the City. Sign up now and invite your frineds to join too! Lets get celebrating the Beauty in Cities Worldwide!

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