Sunday, July 4, 2010

Artists' Lottery Syndicate Launch

Friday night was the launch of the Artists' Lottery Syndicate, and unfortunately I didn't make it to London for the launch, but still there is exciting news. On the very first draw we are winners! Yes, each member of the Syndicate has won themselves 22.5 pence! Here are the numbers being drawn.

Then on waking this morning there has been more good news - the syndaite won three times last night! Two X £10 wins and One X £20!
Other lottery news - the government is currently carrying out a counsultation to look into their plans to return the % of monies raised by the lottery which goes to arts funding to the original amounts (currently 16% - the Government proposes to return this figure to 20% within 2 years.) In relation to the other cuts which will affect the arts, this is little comfort.

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