Saturday, November 26, 2011

AirVent Calendar

This Christmas AirSpace is celebrating by constructing a superdouper AirVent Calendar in the gallery window. We put out a call for artists to create a special box, and then each day of December (until Christmas eve) one of the boxes will be opened.
It's been exciting having the boxes arriving the last few days - some by post, some hand delivered. Kate Lynch is project managing the AirVent - and has a vision of how to bring it all together - a clue in the image above (By Kate.)
I have just finished making mine.
I can't really reveal what it looks like yet - as mine will be opened on day 10.
Also, on the day that the artist's boxes are opened the artist/or art group and their work will be celebrated on the AirSpace website and on social networking sites.
But I will put the image of the work here when it's the 10th plus links to the AirSpace site where all the boxes will be revealed each day - for now here is a description of the piece, I think it's a reaction to being totally skint:

For AirVent Francis aims to draw attention to the frenzied buying activity which occurs in the Festive Season. Families throw themselves into debt, year on year, in the name of something that many of them don’t believe in. The piece ‘Gifts’ is a stark reminder that in times of recession, waste should be measured.

Here it is:

Artists involved will be revealed each day.

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