Sunday, June 21, 2009

Garden Festival 1986 Archive

Last weeks Aftermath Planting Picnic has brought about a bit of an idea. Mark Brereton brought along a wadge of fascinating photos of the festival taken by his Mum Elaine. We all enjoyed looking at them and trying to decipher where things may have been. This also got us talking about the fact that there must be loads of photos out there taken by the people of Stoke, and we all thought it would be great to try to collect them and archive them. So, perhaps we will. Here are Mark's Mum's photos:
And then a couple of days later, Kate emailed with more photos taken by Rob's Mum.Thanks to Rob and Mark's Mum's for starting off the Garden Festival 1986 Photo Archive.


Anonymous said...

Interesting stuff, this - I love the toilet cascade. Actually, that cable car wants bringing back and threading along the length and breadth of the city.

Anna Francis said...

definitely - and let it go up to the original site too - to encourage people to use it!

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Festival is always sounds good wish i were there..:)

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