Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The Makers

From Friday night to Sunday night last weekend 9 artists from Stoke-on-Trent mounted a touching exhibition of arts and crafts at Artwaves, Burslem. Most of the artists exhibiting were actually craftmakers, showing a variety of lovely gifts and wares. There were some wall pieces made from wool collected from the Staffordshire Moorlands by Ruby Sufi, these peices Ruby described as 'questions' and related to Ruby's interests in biochemistry. Kate Lynch had some of her reclaimed wallpaper and recycled material products for sale, including sketchbooks and delicate wall hangings. Katie Shipley had some pieces made from recycled library books, and Deb Nicklin had a series of dolly portraits on show. The Makers was curated by Celine Siani Djiakoua, whose jewellery brightened the sapce. The lovely thing about the idea was that the individual makers started to leak into each others practices, with Ruby making some woollen beads for Celine's jewellery, Kate Lynch making some paper cases for Celine's Jewellery, and Ruby making some wolleen inserts for Kate's recycled wallets, making them into needle cases. My garden festival decoupage was also on display, fitting into the theme of reclamation and recycling.

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