Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Preparations for Common Ground

The gallery has been busy this week with all of the artists working on their individual projects for Common Ground. The phone has been ringing a lot, with various press enquiries, and I have been along to Cross Rhythms Radio Station to do an interview.Kate has been in preparing the green man costume, ready for the workshop on Saturday morning.
Kate, Andy and I trawled a little trolley from the gallery up into town to buy some hanging baskets, soil and flowers for the repopulation of the Bandstand.We brought them back to the gallery and created the baskets - and I have been watering them each day since - they look great and I am sure once they are on the bandstand they will look brilliant. I was hoping that we could leave them in situ after the event, but we can't as once our event has finished they become the Council's responsibility - and so if they fall on someone....
Andy has also been working hard creating the Usherette's ice cream tray, which is just so beautiful!At first it looked like this (above) - which actually I was tempted to keep - I like the wood look.But then once painted it really does seem to reference ice cream. We have purposely not specified the goods that the Usherette might be selling - so that perhaps I can use the Usherette tray again.This was one of those weird moments of serendipity - I laid out the Common Ground Maps into the Usherette Tray, and they fit exactly!
It is just 4 days until the event kicks off, and though I am feeling the burn, I am also really looking forward to seeing what happens. Join us!

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