Sunday, October 17, 2010

ASK ANNA: Episode One

This Saturday saw the first of the ASK ANNA episodes to broadcast from SHOP. Six people came along to be interviewed, and our studio audience were fantastic.

First, SHOP's own Gemma Thomas talked about her inspiration for SHOP and what she hopes the legacy might be for the project.

ask anna interviews gemma thomas from glen stoker on Vimeo.

Next up local Enterprise Coach Gayle Jessiman talked about her work with new businesses in the area - and why we might have reason to be cheerful in Stoke.

ask anna and gayle jessiman from glen stoker on Vimeo.

Then there was a cooking demonstration from Culturing Stuff's Lisa and Chris - who showed us how to make the traditional Staffordshire Oatcake fresh that morning from 'Traditional Oatcakes' just down the road from SHOP.

ask anna interviews culturing stuff from glen stoker on Vimeo.

Local resident's association member Liz Perry came along to talk to us about her passion for seeing more green spaces in the Town, and to talk about the community garden she helped to set up on London Road.

ask anna in conversation with liz perry from glen stoker on Vimeo.

Then B Arts came along to talk to us about some of the projects they have worked on over their last 25 years in the City. Touching on why they do not feel that the massive cuts to the arts are a totally gloomy thing.

ask anna - b arts interview from glen stoker on Vimeo.

Finally, Michael Colley introduced us to his Hang. An instrument from Switzerland which he hopes could offer a manufacturing business opportunity for a local entrepreneur - economic regeneration through music.

ask anna meets michael colley from glen stoker on Vimeo.

The next instalment of Talking City Live is 7pm on Friday, 22nd October.

If you would like to be interviewed by the Talking City Agony Aunt then get in touch!

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