Tuesday, October 5, 2010

BCCA Conference this Saturday

On Saturday I will be heading back to West Bromwich to talk in the BCCA conference.
I will be presenting the work I did back in July when in residence in West Brom for a week.
I will talk about the interviews I did with the market stall holders (focusing on the lack of information which is filtering through about the future of the market - and the desperate need for signage telling people about the market in the town centre) and I will also talk about the shop audit I did on the pedestrianised section of the high street - setting out how many empty shops, how many phone shops and how many pawn shops there are.
This piece was in response to one of the conversations I had in the market (with the gentleman who owns the children's clothing stall) he said that the high street was full of empty shops, mobile phone shops, discount shops and banks - and nothing else.
There are actually:
13 discount shops
6 charity shops
9 betting or pawn shops
11 empty shops and
5 banks/building societies
There are no mobile phone shops on the high street - but there are quite a few to be found inside Queens Square.
I have just 10 minute slot, so I think that will be enough.
Part of the project work I did is in the 3rd edition of the BCCA, which can be downloaded here, or picked up from the market stall or from the conference.
The conference will take place at the PUBLIC - and you can book a place by emailing chloebrown@multistory.org.uk

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