Sunday, August 19, 2012

CAMouflage: Salzburg

A documentary photograph from my Chambermaid Performance, from the Platform P event in Plymouth last November is currently on display in the CAMouflage exhibition, curated by Antonio Manfredi at Stadt Galerie, Salzburg.
As part of Antonio's continuing CAM ART WAR, his current activity involves exhibitions which show artists work on low quality, photocopies, which will not survive past the exhibition.
Helga Gasser (an artist from Salzburg, who has been helping Antonio with the show - and who I met on the Harlech Residency) sent me some documentary images of the install and events. I am really pleased that documentation from a performance has been exhibited in this way - as I have never shown documentation before. It demonstrates how important good documentation is, I am lucky that I have a good documenter, that I can trust to get the shots I need, in Glen Stoker, he took this image, and has documented many of my events and performances over the years.

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