Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Kim's Wedding Assignments

It was my friend Kim's wedding on Saturday, when she married Marcel. She asked me if I would mind setting assignments for all of the guests. So I did. Each assignment was printed out onto card and put in a pack with whatever materials the participant would need to carry out the task. The assignments were very varied, in order to allow those very 'up-for-it' people to get stuck in, and those not-so-up-for-it to be involved in a lesser way.
Assignment number two was carried out by Michael (below) and said draw blind contour drawings of ten of the wedding guests.
The assignment shown below said 'swap wedding outfits with someone,' and this was a very brave approach considering the two swappers were strangers.

The man with the hat below was tasked with writing a wedding speech and delivering it at the toasting and cake cutting section of the wedding.
And Lee, his Mum and his sister were assigned the task of creating a fascinator for the bride from wedding detritus. Which they did beautfiully.
The bride was really pleased with the buzz created by the assignements, and also with all of the souvenirs which she got to take home at the end of the evening. The guests also seemed to really enjoy being involved.

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