Thursday, August 27, 2009

The Matchmaker

This weekend I will be performing the Matchmaker at a festival. I have just finished making 100 special matchboxes for the performance.
I will post images of what happens when I get back...
So, I went along to the Festival with the Matchmaker. I was the Matchmaker on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. It actually worked very well, though there were a few surprises. First of all a lot of people seemed a bit suspicious when I approached them, thinking I was trying to sell them something. I wondered if I should announce immediately that what I had on offer was free, but I decided it slightly went against what I was trying to do, and I don't like the idea that people would only engage with me if they thought they would get something free out of it, I preferred to tell them at the end that the matchbox was free.I was also quite surprised about the popularity of some of the couples: Richard and Judy were the most popular, and went quite quickly, whereas Gilbert and George were the least popular, but perhaps that was because they were naked?I enjoyed doing the Matchmaker, and seeing people give me and each other a kiss was really heart warming. I hadn't reckoned on the weather though, and the packs kept on blowing away, and some of them got a bit wet in the rain.

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