Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Billy's Crockery Cupboard Gallery.

Four and a half year old Billy Greenwood has been inspired by the Fridge Gallery project, and has created his own Gallery in the kitchen crockery cupboard.The exhibition is called 'The Orange Family' and features portraits of Billy's close family, and some large-scale silver sculptural pieces which relate to the human form. It looks as though the visitors to the exhibition were very impressed with what they saw.Follow Billy's lead, and create a space for art in your house. You can send the images in to me at and I will feature them here. They could also end up being shown in the documentation of the project at the Castlefield Gallery publication launch in December. The DIY manual - turn your house into an art space will be launched on 20th September from 3 houses in Stoke, Preston and Toronto - the launches will be linked up via Internet and each house will feature a DIY project from the manual. To get your hands on the Domestic Spaces publication or indeed the Social Spaces or Museums and Archives Spaces publications go here for more details: PEST WEBSITE.

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