Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The Winner Takes It All!

Good news, I have been selected to take part in the NAN (Networking Artists Newsletter)/Royal Standard event 'The Winner Takes it all.'
This is a 3 day event which explores Liverpool's Capital of Culture status, hosted by the Royal Standard and Red Wire Studios - the 20 selected artists will be given an insider's perspective on the city through a programme which explores the city and tours the biennial and the less transient cultural offerings. Then on the Sunday there will be a debate, (open to all - click here for more details/to order tickets) talking about Capital of Culture's impact. We have been asked to bring with us a piece of art work, or a cultural object from our Cities, as well as other information about our City's networks and art spaces. This promises to be a fantastic and interesting event, which I certainly look forward to.

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Wayne said...

Good one you.
I like the sharing / exchanging of cultural objects idea.