Friday, September 19, 2008

Domestic Space Publication Launches!

I have been really busy for the last few weeks with the new term at University starting so meeting the new Level Ones, organising the New Vic Theatre Show for last year's Level One (now 2) students from Staffordshire University, which opens on Tuesday night, (Click here for details) and various other projects that needed attention. But tomorrow I am pleased to announce the Pest domestic spaces publication will launch from my house!
Elaine Speight and I 'met' over the internet last night, after fitting up webcams via a skype link-up, to make sure it was in place for Saturday's bonanza. The publication will launch from 3 sites; my house, a house in Preston and the Convenience gallery in Toronto. The 3 sites will be linked up via the internet, and we will be able to see what is going on in the other locations.
The U.K. contingents will be having full on opening events, whereas the Toronto set will join us for discussion about artists using domestic space. (it will be the afternoon in Toronto.)
Here in Stoke we will be enjoying The fridge gallery, with edible contents, an exhibition of dining room art works, which have been lovingly curated over years, but will finally be formalised for the event, and each visitor to the event will receive their own brief, for a project which they will carry out during the launch.
In Preston an exhibition has been put up, and a window gallery set up.
Visitors to Preston and Stoke have been instructed to bring an art work with them, that will then tour to the other venue after the event, to be displayed in the other space.
I will put pictures up of the event later, in the mean time, I had better clean the house...

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